COO's Message

From the desk of the Chief Operating Officer of the ESCATEC Group

Dear Customers, Suppliers and Soon-To-Be Customers!

For the ESCATEC Group, 2011 has been an interesting and successful year despite the challenging world economic situation.

We have expanded our sales and marketing team last year by adding sales managers in Germany, Denmark and the UK as well as a Representative Agent in the USA. We have also entered into a partnership with SMT Corporation based in Wisconsin US to offer a "Gateway" for North American customers into our Asian mass production facilities. In addition to this, in Malaysia, we have entered into a partnership with GMMI-Texchem to offer complete medical product box build solutions.

ESCATEC has finalised the implementation of its "Gateway" process which seamlessly integrates project management, production transfer and mass production between customers in Europe or the USA and our low cost mass production facilities in Asia. With our enhanced presence in our key markets and the implementation of the Gateway process, we are in an excellent position to further enhance our customer service into the future.

We have made a USD 2.5 million investment in ESCATEC Mechatronics, our facility in Johor Bahru, including investing in the latest SMT equipment (replacing older modules) and also upgrading our plastic injection molding area through the introduction of automation to both reduce costs and further improve quality. We will also be upgrading ESCATEC Electronics’ (Penang) moulding operations in the same way and are installing new SMT equipment in ESCATEC Switzerland. All this investment will result in improved competitiveness and greater value for our customers.

In support of our augmented sales force and to provide world class customer communications we have implemented a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) System which will greatly enhance the efficiency and quality of communications with our customers.

All of our efforts have the objective of improving our base for both competitiveness and customer service as the platform for our future mutual success with our highly valued and prestigious customers. 

At your service,
Markus Walther

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